Unbiased Achievements – Malta Al & Blockchain Award Nominee for Marketing Campaign of the year 2019

Unbiased recently attended Malta Al & Blockchain Summit 2019 Spring Edition, a two-day event of exhibiting, networking, and learning. Among 5,500 attendees and 200+ companies, Unbiased stood out among the crowd with its innovation and vision to fight fake news and misinformation.

Unbiased is one of the Top-10 AI & Blockchain startups who got selected to pitch on the main stage among 300 submitted applications.

fake and biased news

With the sole aim of creating awareness about fake and biased news, Unbiased led the session and impressed others with its idea of developing a platform where everybody can freely share their opinion.

Social media integration

Social media integration to promote the marketing strategy, data privacy and integrity to achieve desired results by protecting data against unauthorized access, and content scheduling were the major covering areas of Unbiased during the event.

Unbiased’s Great Achievement Malta Al & Blockchain Award

Unbiased Data Marketplace combines the power of crowd-sourcing with technology and brings the best of both worlds with its solution. Its an open marketplace for datasets and algorithm and also a global platform to achieve the target of next-generation Datasets and algorithm.

incentivized social platform by using blockchain

Other attendees were impressed by Unbiased’s concept of connecting users with data and insights. Unbiased nabbed people’s attention and put a spotlight on its alluring idea of building an incentivized social platform by using blockchain and search engine where real opinions could be shared easily.

real-time data and insights

Unbiased conveyed a great idea that could come as a bonus for every individual. Transparent opinion polls and real-time data and insights made the conference quite interesting. Our idea was solely based on the fight against fake news and misinformation.

If you are interested in learning more or have some interesting suggestions or looking to collaborate, drop us an email at contact@unbiased.cc

Here is what we achieved for presenting our idea in Malta Al & Blockchain event:

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