Unbiased Search Engine

It's not a traditional search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo. It's a Search Engine which presents insights and analytics on various topics of your choice.

No Easy Way to Gain Insights

The current search engines are good at aggregating information from millions of data points but when challenged to provide insights they just fail. For Example, you are interested to know how people in the US feel about Trump, as an Internet user you search on Google or go to social platforms like Twitter to see how people are reacting. After 1 or 2 hours you are lost in the huge amounts of data and most probably still uncertain.


Unbiased Search Engine will help users to gain insights with just click of a search. If you are interested to know how people feel about Trump? All you need to do is search Trump and we will do the heavy lifting in providing aggregated and structured data with public sentiment insights.

Personalization & Biased Opinions

We all know that every application today is personalized whether it is Google search results or Instagram feed you donโ€™t get the same results as the person sitting next to you. Though the results help you connect with the content you prefer to see these applications limit the exposure to your own box of views.


Unbiased is challenging the fundamental concept of personalization when interacting with data. Unbiased Search Engine is unique as it presents users with aggregated views from various sources and visualizes the wide spectrum of opinions across the Internet on any given topic.

Fake News & Fake Data

Fake News and Propagandas are everywhere on the Internet and Media today. We even see a lot of fake comments and reviews in marketplaces, e-commerce, and social media. For people with resources, itโ€™s easy to spread a propaganda message or fake news today with the current platforms. But for normal people, itโ€™s impossible to differentiate between fake and real data.


Unbiased Search Engine addresses the issue by bringing data from various sources and then analyses the data using Artificial Intelligence to detect propaganda. In addition, the end- user will have a complete overview of opinions with our simple data visualization tools. By presenting data in an Unbiased fashion, we can address the issues of Fake News easily.

Big Data & Analytics Complexity

By 2025 more than 75% of the global population will have access to the Internet. We are already seeing the usage of social media, blogs, and forums talking about almost everything thatโ€™s happening around us. For humans, it is already impossible to completely understand the sentiment around a topic or product, with more and more data being generated the complexity in decision-making increases.


Unbiased Search Engine makes every Internet user life simple by doing the heavy- lifting of data collection, analysis, and visualization. Unbiased Search Engine presents Data Analytics & Insights in a simple way so that all the users can understand and use the data in their personal life or businesses or services for better decision making.

Public Opinion Polls

I think most of the people agree today that the public opinion polls we see on the news or on the Internet are not done in a transparent way and most of the times they are biased as well. Example: CNN says Trump's approval ratings are all-time low and Fox News contradicts that, from a people in United States perspective they are confused and not sure who to trust. The same example applies to products, surveys we see online, people don't trust them anymore.


Unbiased Search Engine will provide functionalities for businesses and individuals to host public opinion polls on any topic or product of their interest in a transparent and secure fashion. Our solution will be transparent and auditable because we use Telos Public Blockchain Network to organize the polls. The key benefit of organizing the polls on a blockchain is that the end-users can trust the data now.

Proof of Concept

Realt-Time Blockchain Data & Analytics

fud-logo Soon to be Launched

App Screenshots

Among the many features of the app are transparent polls, Profile management, Search Analytics, Social Feeds and many more!

How it Works


Search about any topic of your interest if you want to know opinions.


Out ML/AI models get the data from various sources and they start analyzing it.


Get all the community insights structured in a good way.

Share & Earn

Share your personal experiences, help community & maybe get some good benefits

Search Engine Based on NLP, AI & Blockchain