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Data Integrity

Social Media has changed the way people interact and communicate every day. At the same time today, there is a lot of fake data, spam, and bots on social media. Recently in 2018, Facebook deleted more than 1 Billion Fake Accounts, and this shows that we can’t really trust the data we see on the Internet & Social Media these days.


Unbiased Social Platform addresses this issue in two steps, one by using multi-step authentication and two is by improving the integrity of the data being generated. Unbiased Social Platform will be integrated with the public Telos Blockchain Network to create time-stamps of meta-data. All the content created on Unbiased will have a blockchain certificate proof with all the historical changes documented.

No Incentives for Value Creators

Every social platform is only successful because of its content and value creators. The platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Twitter are all successful because there are people willing to share their knowledge, experiences and spend their time to help others. But one must work to get their daily expenses covered, so many full-time content-creators are choosing other revenue sources like marketing & promotions as there are no alternatives.


Unbiased Social Platform incentivizes the users who are creating value for the platform by creating and curating content. The formula is simple, the more value you create, and the more users get benefitted, the more you earn on the platform. There will be more opportunities for content-creators to extract value from the platform and their hard work without completely relying on Ad revenue.

Data Privacy & Security

It’s no secret that the security of data is of utmost importance in social platforms, but all the major platforms today have failed to protect their user data. There have been multiple instances where the major platforms have compromised their user data. Recently, Facebook was charged with a $5 Billion in fine for not securing user data properly. The other big concern is as the data is centralized, there is no transparency on what happens with user data behind the scenes.


Unbiased applications including Search Engine, Data Marketplace, and Social Platforms will have utmost importance to user security and data privacy. All the applications of Unbiased will provide complete autonomy and transparency to its users by providing tools to audit on the blockchain.

Irrelevant & Disturbing Ads

The core business models of social platforms are Advertisements and these days we are seeing an Ad after every 4 posts on Instagram, 2 Ads per video on YouTube and the same goes with Facebook and other social platforms. Most of the times the Ads are irrelevant and the companies spending money on the Ads cannot measure clear Return of Investment (ROI). On the other side, users are just frustrated with constant spam with Ads.


Unbiased Social Platform will give complete freedom of choice to its users and respects user opinions even when presenting Ads in the future. As an application supporting user interests, Unbiased Social Platform came up with a new concept of an On-demand Marketplace, which will be integrated into the platform.

No Freedom of Choice

On Social Platforms there is no freedom of choice today on the content you see, and the Ads showed to you. Everything is managed by Machine learning algorithms. The tools available today make it easy to manipulate user’s perception on social platforms with enough resources.


Unbiased Social Platform gives priority to user’s preferences than any algorithm-driven psychological profiling. Though algorithms might be effective sometimes they have to be user interest-driven rather than completely algorithm-driven. To make the user experience better and engaged, Unbiased Social Platform chooses a hybrid solution where user interests will have the highest priority than algorithm-driven. On Unbiased applications, every user will have complete Freedom of Choice.

Community & Followers Management

Social Media has disrupted the traditional marketing industry over the last decade and the latest trend is influencer marketing. These days almost every brand is in search for influencers and content creators on social platforms. Though there is huge demand, the fans & followers are getting tired of advertisements and the tools needed to run such operations are becoming costly & complex as well.


Unbiased Social Platform takes a non-traditional approach and provides all the tool-set for content-creators to interact with their existing communities across other platforms from one place. In addition to that, Unbiased Social Platform improves the data integrity of the content and provides incentives for the value creators.

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