Our Mission

Building technology which enables to connect people and make their voices heard without compromising privacy and consent.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo of how we use the technology. We believe in thinking differently. We envision the true essence of a transparent and democratic world where every individuals’ opinion matters.

The way we challenge the status quo is by making the applications we build transparent, simple to use and innovative. We are aimed at building a complete user privacy focused social platform which enables users to monetize their data and gain incentives. With our search app for big data analytics we aim to provide insights to users and bring value to their opinions. By doing so, we believe that we will move forward altogether towards a healthy society where transparency, trust and quality are valued.

In our mission to Fight Fake News and misinformation, we are combining the power of Crowd-Sourcing with next-generation technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI. Our solutions are superior to the existing alternatives as it brings the best of both worlds.

Our solutions provide complete autonomy to all its users. Every user on Unbiased could earn rewards for creating value to the platform and the earned rewards can also be used to take advantage of other services on the platform. The overall concept of transparency and autonomy using Telos blockchain technology enables us to be Unbiased and creates a Blockchain based Circular Economy among all the parties.

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Our Innovations

Unbiased offers 3 innovative solutions. Each of the solution is aimed at addressing a specific problem. Our applications will be launched in a phased manner. The goal is to provide end to end solutions which aligns with our mission. For more information, please check the timelines below.

Problem & Solution


Fake & Biased news

As humans we are biased, we tend to look for information which resonates with our view points. And the companies & organisations are building algorithms to take advantage of this basic human nature. Whether it’s the Internet or television it’s mostly biased and we also see fake news more these days.

Our Solution

“Confirmation Bias – The tendency to search for, or interpret, information in a way that confirms one’s perceptions.”

Unbiased is determined to present facts by bringing everyone’s opinion to one platform and present the aggregated opinion in an interactive way. We will also categorize information based on source and also use advanced AI algorithms to validate the information. We will use digital token incentives to generate more quality, trusted data and also to crowd-source the growth.


No incentives for value creators

Majority of the social platforms exist today because of its users who create value by generating content. But these value creators don’t get any incentive today and the profits are taken by the platforms.

Our Solution

Incentivized Social Platform for value creators

Users on unbiased can create any type of content, share with their community across different social platforms with cool functionalities and maximize the impact.

When users create content on Unbiased and share publicly, they can earn incentives in the form of digital tokens. The amount of incentives will be determined autonomously by various factors focusing on network impact. The tokens can be exchanged for other services on the platform.


Centralised social platforms are failing

Legacy Social Networks generate revenue through mining of personal user data and selling this data to advertisers and marketers without user control or input. No transparency on how user data is used. This brings a lot of concerns related to privacy & security and we have seen many lately.

Our Solution

Next-Generation social platform built using blockchain.

"Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet & Social media"

Unbiased is designed from a user centric perspective with utmost transparency. Users have complete authority over their data and they can decide with whom they want to share their data with. Together with the help of p2p & blockchain technology we aim to make unbiased a complete decentralized platform gradually.


Freedom of Choice

In today’s Internet and Social Media world we are not in control of what we see and how we think. There are many researches presenting “How content on social media can be fine-tuned to manipulate ones’ perception on any given topic. Thus fake news!” And the other side of the issue is most of the time we see unrelated ads and content.

Our Solution

Unbiased is aimed to give utmost importance to user’s freedom of choice without compromising on user experience. We want to engage our users with the information they want to see and is useful for them. On our platform, users can decide what they want to see and when they want to see without any extensive overhead. Our motto is to make our users part of the innovation process by motivating them to make suggestions.


Analytics and costly and complex

As an individual or as a business we look at reviews and feedback from customers to improve our services but also to make a valuable decision for our money. But with the ease of access to Internet, huge amount of data is being generated and distributed across the Internet. As individuals we are limited to see what Google presents us. Analytics and Insights are costly and hard to generate. Small and medium businesses cannot afford these today.

Our Solution

Next-Generation Search Engine

As we say at Unbiased, “A company's success is defined by its user satisfaction rather than revenue”.

Unbiased Search Engine is integrated with the social platform presenting the real opinion of the Internet community on any topic. Together with the advancements in technologies like BigData, NLP and AI we aim to build a search engine which presents insights. We provide detailed & historical insights as a service on a freemium basis. We will also offer a more customized platform as a service for companies to help them with CRM process.

What Makes Us Unique


Simple Search to gain insights


Data Privacy and user consent


Incentives for value creators


Data Market Place & Sharing Economy

Key Features

Digital Tokens

Digital tokens are key part of the application and eases the process when it comes to economical side of things.

Search Engine

This helps to easily present the analytics & insights data to users.


A digital wallet which can hold multiple tokens and enables transfer, exchange services.

All in one social media

Our content creation tools combined with gateway service to other social platforms offers a complete tool set to maintain the CRM process.


An Incentivized social platform where users can create, curate share content of various types in return for incentives.


We have multiple add-on features like listening the articles, scheduling the posts, tracking sentiment on your favourite topics etc.

Our Timelines

[Q2'19] Data Marketplace Inception - #ShowerIdeas


We always had the feeling of a missing part in Unbiased since the inception in 2018. One fine day we realised that there are no trustful service providers and tools to get Unbiased Datasets in the market which are essential to build Unbiased Applications.💡

[Q3'19] Ideation & Creativity - #CoffeePhase


A lot of reading, analysis and branstorming led to the development of look and feel of Data Marketplace. Thanks to our wonderful design team we managed to envision the whole platform before its developed. 🖉

[Q4'19] Research & Development


During this phase we have started the development of the data marketplace application by focusing on the fundamental building blocks of the platform in cooperation with our technology partners. We have addressed many technical challenges during this phase and finished a certain percentage of work related to front-end, smart contracts, back-end etc. 🔬

[Q1'20] Integration & Testing - #CurrentPhase


Our developers & partners are working hard on finalising the platform for alpha launch. More development, testing, integration, marketing and documentation is being worked on currently. In order to compete with the big players in the eco-system we have to make sure that we provide a better offering than the existing competitors and thats what we are doing now. #HuntingBugs

Beta Launch - March 2020


For any new platform its important to have it tested by the community and make sure all the issues are resolved before it goes main-stream. Our focus in this step is to work with some partners and community members to find potential issues and build use-cases, testimonials. #BuildingCommunity #Feedback

Alpha Launch - April 2020


Sky is NOT the limit! #GrowthFocus

[Q2'2020] Marketing & Partnerships


Our focus group for workers are the Millennials and the Gen-Z population, we already started the dialouges with various organisations and continue to use our contact network to establish these partnerships. We have been to different parts of the world already and our global marketing outreach will be boosted.

[Q3'20] The platform to go for AI & Data


Disrupting the market with ethical and competitive solutions is the goal and we are determined to achieve it.


Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Founder & CEO

Mahathi Poreddy


Satwik Pachineela

Product Designer

Akash Kaveti

Cloud Consultant

Marcell Ciszek

Front-End Developer

Moritz Denke

Marketing Consultant

Matilda Johansson

Visual Designer

Sameh Selem

Full-Stack/Blockchain Developer

Alireza Mehrsina



Full-Stack Developer

Deepika Anantha Padmanaban

Machine Learning Engineer


Richard Rydell

Board Member & HR Advisor

Billy Jörgensen

Board Member & Legal Advisor


Swetank Bhardwaj


Aman Dembhla


Ashish Karel

ML Developer

Sunit Adhikary

ML Developer

Simon Bergöö


Lia Mylonidou

Full-Stack developer

John Niklasson


Partners & Collaborations


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Headquarters: Göteborg, Sweden.

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