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An Incentivized Social Platform Built Using Blockchain and A Search App for Big Data Analytics

Our Mission

Building technology which enables to connect people and make their voices heard without compromising privacy and consent.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo of how we use the technology. We believe in thinking differently. We envision the true essense of a transparent and democratic world where every individuals' opinion matters.

The way we challenge the status quo is by making the applications we build transparent, secure, easy to use and innovative.

Today's Challenges

Socialmedia and Internet

We live in a digital world where data is everything. According to many research studies, it was identified that on an average a individual spends more than 3 horus every day over Social media and Internet. During this time, each one of us are creating our own personalized profiles while browsing, searching, creating and sharing data.

Let's think about it for a moment!

Who owns our data? Is it safe? How can someone use my data on me?

  1. How does Social & Internet platforms function today? - It's a no brainer, we all know the current Social & Internet platforms like Google, Facebok, Twitter and many other generate revenue by mining personal user data and selling it to advertisers and marketers directly or indirectly without user control and consent.  Read more
  2. How are we dealing with our data? - We all care about our privacy in real life but are we caring enough about our privacy in digital life? Read more
  3. Big Data Analytics - Reviews, Comments, Feedback and Discussions on various topics are distributed across many platforms over the Internet. We have too much data and it's impossible for a human being to understand overall commuity opinion. Read more
  4. Advertising and Marketing - Each and every day we come across many brands and advertisements over Social media and Internet. The existing platforms use Machine Learning & Artificial Intellignece techniques to target consumers with advertisements. But as users aren't we losing our basic Freedom of Choice? and most of the time these advertisements are not relevant...Read more

" Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet & Social media " - Gary Kovacs

Our Solutions

are designed to be

Privacy Focused | Transparent | Easy to use

Incentivized Social Platform

An Incentivized social platform where users can create, curate share content of various types in return for incentives. Full user privacy control and data monetization policies...

Search App - Big Data Analytics

A simple search application where users can get all the insights they need on any given topic. It also give the oppurtunity to react and share opinions & feedback...

One Stop Shop for all Social Media Needs

A complete tool set for all the social media needs like campaigning, posting on mutliplt platforms, data analytics, marketing...

" When we speak together we can make change happen "


A group of enthusiasts who work with passion for technology and welfare of society.

Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Founder & CEO

Mahathi Poreddy

Co-Founder & CFO

Global Team

8 - Developers, Designers, ML&AI Engineers

Our progress

The scope below is limited to present the MVP. This will be updated regularly.

NLP, ML & AI Models Training and Testing


Application Design, Prototyping and Development                         


Marketing, Community building


Blockchain Research & Preliminary Whitepaper



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