Unbiased is innovating to solve many of the current problems in the Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning industry such as Transparency, Bias and Quality of Training Data. Unbiased Data Marketplace platform will act as a gateway to Data Annotations, knowledge sharing, collaborations & futuristic innovation.


Today, most of the dataset generation tools for training supervised ML and AI algorithms are centralized. There is no transparency in the process.


Unbiased Data Marketplace addresses the issues of transparency by using Telos Blockchain technology. On our platform, all requesters can monitor and validate if the dataset annotations are happening according to the set requirements. Every worker reputation is also recorded on the blockchain.

Quality of Training Data

One of the important issues with annotated datasets is quality assurance. In addition to that Humans make mistakes and are not efficient at annotating difficult tasks like Video Annotations and Pixel level annotations.


Unbiased Annotation Engine takes advantage of both Human and Machine annotations to make sure the quality data is great. The combined approach improves the overall quality of datasets and improves efficiency.

Bias in Training Data

Human Bias is a serious issue in training datasets for Machine Learning and AI algorithms. The algorithms today are used in many critical situations and even in life-threatening scenarios, so limiting the bias is a requirement.


Unbiased Data Marketplace address the issue of bias in training datasets with its unique approach and automation tools helping companies. In addition, Unbiased solution is transparent as all the events are recorded on the blockchain.

Low Worker Pays

Human Data Annotators don’t get paid well and is not a mainstream job as well. The annotation platforms today don’t pay the workers even minimum wages and its bad, also a reason for poor quality datasets.


Unbiased Data Marketplace goal is to make the Data Annotation a fun process and aimed to attract workers from various professions. To achieve our goal Unbiased is determined to pay the workers average minimum wages or even more in a transparent fashion.

Bots & Spam accounts

The other big issues in Human Data Annotation platforms is spam and bot accounts. Many pieces of research have been performed on platforms like Amazon MTurk and concluded that bots have a huge impact on quality.


Unbiased Data Marketplace offers verified accounts and regular verification steps to avoid Bots & Spam accounts on the platform. Our Data Annotation Engine is integrated with AI-based spam recognition models to detect anomalies.

Algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on

Features you will love to use

How it Works



We provide multiple Signup and Login options to our users. Our goal is to make sure that the real users can take advantage by the ease of onboarding.



This is where we get to know about you and you will get to know about the platform. You will have a preview of different features and functionalities.

Start Working on Tasks


On dashboard you will have numerous tasks which you can start contributing and earning rewards. Example Task Types: Street Sign Image Collection from Italy or What does this image text say or What is your sentiment on this statement?

Start Earning


Finish the tasks in time and start earning money for your contributions.

Like to Earn More?


We will have a variety of tasks both simple and complex ones focused on building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. So we encourage you to finish necessary skill tests to gain powers which can be used to unlock more tasks. More Powers = More Tasks = More Rewards💶 💵💷💴

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Thats's it! Now you have achieved the Master Skills and Rewards, it's time to spread the word and be part of the data revolution.

Data Marketplace A Crowd-Sourced Solution

Being Unbiased is all about bringing diversity into the datasets. Our Global Workforce can bring Unbiased contributions to help you innovate the next disrupting application on the Internet.

Using our platform services means transparency along the way. We use Telos Blockchain Network to ensure that the whole process of data collection and annotation are transparent. This will completely eliminate the need to trust 3rd party organisations.

Unbiased Data Marketplace offers wide range of services in regards to datasets. Request a dataset on the platform and get it delivered in a transparent way.

We use a combination of AI and Human Intelligence to help you get the data annotations quickly and also to ensure quality of the annotations.

Datasets are pre-processed using automated processes to ensure better quality.

It's all about empowering people. Unbiased Data Marketplace is an open platform which is focused on empowering people with knowledge, innovation and quality wages in a transparent way.

Quality is of utmost important in a dataset which has many implications. We use various checks and balances to ensure that the quality of a dataset is of top-grade.